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Excellent customer service!

NoClogger 1.75
Chris Hogan
Works Perfectly

Unclogged an expensive nozzle that I was unable to clear any other way. Worth the price after one use!

NoClogger 1.75
brent agar
It works as advertised

Thanks for making the 3d filed for free so I can hang up my no clogger. This thing is a must have for the ender 3 series 3d printers


NoClogger 1.75
Love it

This thing is a game changer when clearing clogs. So glad I found it.

Works like a charm

Had to push REALLY hard to clear my clog, and then when it did it flew down and bent the rod slightly, it also got so stuck that trying to pull it out I pulled the handle off and I had to use my pliers and even then I had to also tell my printer to unload filament to finally get it back out.

Still way easier than disassembling my print head, but not quite as flawless of victory as the advertising shows. (Used on a Prusa MK3S+)

It works like a magic wand. Use it on Bambulan P1s and Prusa Mk4, and it worked both times perfectly

Meh. Doesn’t work well if you have a Prusa MK4. The filament sensor thinks it’s filament. You have to take the hotend out of the extruder to push anything through.

Great tool! Instantly cleared my clog faster than I could be skeptical about it.

Why can’t EVERY 3D printer come with these? I should have got these with the K2 printer

NoClogger 1.75
Alex Franseen
Great tool!

Used it a couple of times when changing filament and it didn’t remove everything. Worked perfectly

NoClogger 1.75

Worked like a charm

NoClogger 1.75
Tony Pellegrini
The essential Tool

I discovered the NoClogger a couple years ago and have relied on it as an essential tool for working with my 3D printers. Past a decent set of ball-end hex drivers, this is my next most recommended tool. Nothing is easier or more effective for clearing out the filament path. I now have several, not only to make sure they're always nearby when I want to use one (I have a small print farm) but also because they're such a great value!

Great tool!

NoClogger 2.85
Darren Powell

Super-fast delivery, quality products, nice price, will deal again!

NoClogger 1.75
Randal "Randy" Rodgers
Must have tool for FDM printing!

I've not had an excuse to have to use this yet, but it's very sturdy, and will be perfect for clearing hotend filament clogs and with the screwdriver type handle it's safe to handle! Glad I bought it so when I do need it, it'll be on hand!!

Came packaged well in a sturdy box. Helpful cleaning nozzle on k1 printer with extruder issues.


Excellent Tool

The tool is fantastic. It's long enough to go through my Stealthburner. I used to have to take it apart and try to heat the hotend with the nozzle removed which was quite troublesome to do without getting burned. With this tool I'm able to do it without taking everything apart. And the tip allows it to go all the way to the end of the nozzle. Definitely worth getting one if you have a 3D printer.

The product probably works. But it took three weeks for me to get it. I figured out my own way to resolve my issue. So it will sit in the toolbox.

Excellent tool! I bought two. One for me, and one for my daughter who runs a full time 3D printing business. Her husband put the tool to use within minutes of me handing it to them. It worked perfectly.

NoClogger 1.75
Greate Customer support

NoClogger have a super fast customer support, which i highly appreciate :)

Right tool for the problem

This is the right tool to get out filament clogs, especially for the Bambu printers. It saves taking the hot end apart to try to clear the filament.

NoClogger 1.75
adam goldweitz
Never received my order

I ordered a No clogger the first week of December and a month later the item has not arrived and the tracking for it says “pre shipment” still.