How to unclog your 3D printer using NoClogger?

Unclogging Your 3D Printer with NoClogger:

Step 1: Heat the Nozzle

  • Set your nozzle to the maximum recommended temperature for the previous material used, plus 10 to 20 degrees. For instance, if you previously used PLA with a recommended print temperature of 220°C, heat your nozzle to 230°C to 240°C.

Step 2: Clear Stuck Filament

  • Open the extruder idler and remove any filament that is stuck around the extruder gear. If the filament cannot be taken out, cut it to the same level as the top of the PTFE tube using a flush cutter. Move the black indicator on the NoClogger to match the height of your extruder.

Step 3: Use NoClogger

  • Hold the extruder with your left hand and use your right hand to insert the NoClogger down the filament hole. Ensure that your left hand is pressing the extruder upwards to counteract the pressure from pushing the NoClogger downwards. Continue pressing until you feel the end of the NoClogger reach the nozzle tip. Gently pull and push the NoClogger a few times to ensure that no stuck filament is clogging your extruder.

Step 4: Maintain NoClogger

  • A sharp blade is included with every NoClogger to clean the tip and shaft after use. Clean the tool after each use to ensure long-term functionality.