A tool specifically designed for clearing clogs.

Compatible with ALL 3D printers that utilize 1.75mm or 2.85mm filament.

Compatible with both Bowden and Direct Drive 3D Printers.

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  • Clean any Nozzle

    The arrow-shaped tip of NoClogger is specifically designed to match the shape of the nozzle end, ensuring all filament is removed from the nozzle.

  • Save Time and Money

    Forget about Cold Pulling, disassembling Hotend, and changing countless Heatbreaks and Nozzles.

  • Free Accessories

    Get NoClogger accessories for free by downloading and printing them yourself, you can download the file here.

  • NoClogger

    Noclogger was specifically created to unclog Hotends and prevent future clogs.

  • Acupuncture Needle

    The acupuncture needle only pushes filament from the center to the side, causing additional issues.

  • Hex Key

    The hex key is not long enough to reach the heat break or nozzle.

  • Unclog Pin

    This pin's end is flat and unable to reach the nozzle as it is only 4 inches long.

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Unclog and Prevent future clogs.

Use NoClogger as an unclogging tool when needed.

Plus, Regularly using NoClogger between material changes will help you clear out any accumulated material and prevent buildup in the nozzle and heatbreak, reducing the risk of clogs and ensuring better prints.

  • Push as much as needed

    The NoClogger has a movable indicator on the shaft that helps prevent the use of excessive force. This is particularly useful for Ruby-type Nozzles, as the indicator marks the height of the extruder on the shaft.

  • Perfect Material.

    For four years, we have been on a quest for the perfect material with the ideal dimension for NoClogger. We evaluated numerous materials with varying thicknesses and hardness before finally discovering the right one.

  • Clean and Reuse

    A sharp blade is included in the package for cleaning the tip and shaft of the NoClogger 

Unclog any Bowden Tubes

Blocked Bowden (PTFE) tubes are a common issue in many 3D printers. NoClogger can be used to quickly remove any filament that's clogging the tube.

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  • NoClogger for 1.75mm Filament Printers

    This version is designed specifically for 3D printers using 1.75mm filaments, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance with brands such as:

    Anycubic, Bambu Lab, Creality, Dremel, Ender (by Creality), FlashForge, Geeetech, Monoprice, Prusa Research, QIDI Technology, Raise3D, TEVO, Voron, Zmorph, Zortrax and many more.

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  • NoClogger for 2.85mm Filament Printers

    This version is designed specifically for 3D printers using 2.85mm filaments, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance with brands such as:

    Ultimaker, LulzBot, BCN3D, Intamsys, and many more.

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What our customers say about NoClogger

Based on 202 reviews
NoClogger 1.75
Justin Mudrick

NoClogger 1.75

Clog-Be Gone!

I received this item at the time when I was experiencing a nasty clog on my Bambu X1-C...from using different families of filament in the same hotend.
I pull off the hotend, cranked it up...inserted the NoClogger...and all of the nasty, stubborn filament just pooped out the nozzle.
Wear safety goggles (as I was) due to the NoClogger being so efficient, that the clog spit out, like being shot out a cannon. I've already recommended it to my printing friends.

NoClogger 1.75
Robert Lazure
Great tool to have

This has solved all blocking issues with my Prusa MK3 printer. I have tried an accupuncture needle, and a guitar string. This is fast and easy.

Great tool!

Grabbed this after seeing some folks raving about it in 3d printing FB groups and I love it! My filament changes go so much smoother and haven't had issues with clogs since using this tool!

To the POINT

The way these work is AMAZING. i just started 3d printing back in June of 2023. always getting annoyed with prints that finish in the middle of the night and then having to use the small needle that came with the print to clean it out the nozzle. that SUCKS!!! after seeing these online trying to figure out a better way to clean the nozzle and hot end on my Ender 3 S1 and Ender 3 S 1 Plus. i saw them and didnt even think twice. amazing product let me know if there is any new products from no clogger that will make my 3d print farm even more efficient. only using the 1.75mm needles now but might venture into the 2.85mm soon.

NoClogger 1.75
J Carter
Great product

Works as it should.

NoClogger 1.75
Dennis Warner
It works great

Thanks for this product

NoClogger 1.75
Ivan Nielsen

NoClogger 1.75

NoClogger 1.75
Mark Busman
Great piece of kit

Very handy to have when you have a trouble some clog in the extruder. Much easier to use than some printer manual suggestions.

NoClogger 1.75
Bryson Kurata
Definitely a must-have for cleaning!

It's a very useful tool, not having to mess around with cold pulls or the nozzle needle, clearing jams is so much easier and very satisfying.

3D printer beginner

Your Unclogging tool was suggested by Wuxn 3D. I was not sure how to use so had not used until yesterday. I had a similar clog for second time and thought of your tool. So went to internet and Utube to see how to use. Very simple and removed clog very fast. This will now be my go tool for filament clog

NoClogger 1.75
Robert Lowe

Great product.

NoClogger 1.75
Steve Frese
Works like a charm - worth every penny

I can’t believe how simple and effective this tool is.

I was haunted by clogs from a bad batch of filament, and this saved me in a single go. Haven’t had a clog that it didn’t fix.


NoClogger 1.75
Corey Wright
A must have!

If you print at all…this thing is an awesome tool for your toolbox.

So easy even I was able to do it

Times are hard. Mental capacity is at an all-time premium. This thing I bought? Just heat the tube and slam the thing in the tube. Clog is 1000% gone without exception. Then you just grab your blade and scrape the dried crust off of the tool like a barbarian. Absolute bliss.

NoClogger 1.75
First time using.

Not sure if I really had a clog, but I figured I'd take that out of the equation of my issue. Very easy to use and worked perfectly on my Bambu X1-C.

Definitely very helpful

Great product. Wish it was a littler firmer if that's even possible. Or maybe I need to stop clogging the printer lol. Definitely buying another one

NoClogger (Short)
Brian Lancion

NoClogger (Short)

NoClogger 1.75
James Jones
No more clogs, period.

My 3D Printer clogged yesterday. I had my printer printing in 10 minutes. Thanks, I do appreciate the "No Clogger" tool. It's the best.

NoClogger 1.75
Khaled Ali
Great product

Recommended for everyone who owns 3D printers

NoClogger 1.75
Daniel Hörberg

It’s very stable not like the small ones you can buy.
Really recommend it


This is a must have for fdm printere

NoClogger 1.75
William Carlson
Used for the first time today

Worked like a charm. Saved me having to disassemble the hot end.

NoClogger 1.75
Allan Peach
Makes clearing a clog so easy

Simple and easy-to-use tool. A very quick way to clear a clog.

NoClogger 1.75
James Jones
Name says it all.

This contraption just works for what it's designed to do. If you have a 3D Printer, get the "NoClogger" tool before it's to late.