A tool specifically designed for clearing clogs.

* Compatible with any 3D Printer that uses 1.75 mm or 2.85mm filament.

* Compatible with both Bowden and Direct Drive 3D Printers.

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  • Clean any Nozzle

    The arrow-shaped tip of NoClogger is specifically designed to match the shape of the nozzle end, ensuring all filament is removed from the nozzle.

  • Save Time and Money

    Forget about Cold Pulling, disassembling Hotend, and changing countless Heatbreaks and Nozzles.

  • Free Accessories

    Get NoClogger accessories for free by downloading and printing them yourself, you can download the file here.

  • NoClogger

    Noclogger was specifically created to unclog Hotends and prevent future clogs.

  • Acupuncture Needle

    The acupuncture needle only pushes filament from the center to the side, causing additional issues.

  • Hex Key

    The hex key is not long enough to reach the heat break or nozzle.

  • Unclog Pin

    This pin's end is flat and unable to reach the nozzle as it is only 4 inches long.

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Unclog and Prevent future clogs.

Use NoClogger as an unclogging tool when needed.

Plus, Regularly using NoClogger between material changes will help you clear out any accumulated material and prevent buildup in the nozzle and heatbreak, reducing the risk of clogs and ensuring better prints.

  • Push as much as needed

    The NoClogger has a movable indicator on the shaft that helps prevent the use of excessive force. This is particularly useful for Ruby-type Nozzles, as the indicator marks the height of the extruder on the shaft.

  • Perfect Material.

    For four years, we have been on a quest for the perfect material with the ideal dimension for NoClogger. We evaluated numerous materials with varying thicknesses and hardness before finally discovering the right one.

  • Clean and Reuse

    A sharp blade is included in the package for cleaning the tip and shaft of the NoClogger 

  • NoClogger for 1.75mm Filament Printers

    This version is designed specifically for 3D printers using 1.75mm filaments, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance with brands such as:

    Anycubic, Bambu Lab, Creality, Dremel, Ender (by Creality), FlashForge, Geeetech, Monoprice, Prusa Research, QIDI Technology, Raise3D, TEVO, Voron, Zmorph, Zortrax and many more.

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  • NoClogger for 2.85mm Filament Printers

    This version is designed specifically for 3D printers using 2.85mm filaments, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance with brands such as:

    Ultimaker, LulzBot, BCN3D, Intamsys, and many more.

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Unclog any Bowden Tubes

Blocked Bowden (PTFE) tubes are a common issue in many 3D printers. NoClogger can be used to quickly remove any filament that's clogging the tube.

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What our customers say about NoClogger

Based on 154 reviews

This made my life so much easier. no more trying to dismantle the hot end just to release that clog. specially if the clog creeped up to the cold side!


I haven't used it yet but the concept is great and the tool seems to be of good quality.

Great tool

This tool is a fantastic addition to any 3D printers toolbox! I use it mostly in between filament changes to fully clear out the nozzle. The handle is very high quality and is 3D printed, which I thought was really cool.

NoClogger for 1.75mm Filament Printers

Great product

I ordered the multipack but will only ever need 1. Works as advertised.

First Use —Worked great!

Finally had a need to use it and it cleared out the clog really fast and really well.
Good product!

Bent on first day

Perhaps I skipped some tips on being gentle when pushing, but it bent on the first day.

Safety Cap
Rickey Askew

Safety Cap

Works great!

Just used it tonight, worked great!

Works great

Only used on the prusa so far. Worst part is getting the PTFE tube out of the way and opening the feeder gears.

Repeat customer

I first bought the NoClogger to test it out. The NoClogger has been a life saver. I reordered 3 more to have one for each of my printers. I highly recommend this helpful tool as part of your toolkit.

Safety Cap
life saver

encounters 2 clogs on my Prusa!
took me litterally 2 minutes to fix them.
thanks NoClogger!

Wish I would have filmed it

The product works just like the videos. I ordered it in hopes I would not have take apart my extruder. Once it arrived, I followed the process and could not have been happier. Gave one as a gift to family that are 3d printing as well. Simple but fantastic product.

Great tool

well made tool fit's the hand haven't had to use it yet just waiting for printer to clog so I can use new tool

The perfect purge rod

Haven't used it yet

I haven't needed to use it yet!

Gave it two weeks and...I LOVE IT!

Hard to believe the reviews that it could help so much with clogs, but after using it for two week I can tell you that it works.
The design is ingenious. At first it looks just like a long piece of wire, but it's more than that. It clears the passage and pushes the blockage down into the nozzle. The trick is to have the nozzle at the operating tempurature as you push. TPU was a problem but no more. Thank you for designing such a useful device.

Very great tool

I am very satisfied with this tool which allows a longer life of the heating system

great product

this thing works great! I love it and is easy to use

Best thing I ever bought for my 3D printer

I wish I had this tool a long time ago. I can't believe such a simple thing can make life so much easier; Best money ever spend.

Perfect tool...

This does the job to ensure a week maintained printer to help ensure better prints every time.

Works like it should

I ordered the set of three since not much difference in price over one. I have used it on my Rat Rig which has an APUS extruder and XG hot end. The filament path is 100mm straight through. A couple of times it worked well, saved a lot of effort and time. Once it would simply not go to the nozzle, I had to remove the heater and found filament stuck in the cold area, nothing would clear that without disassembly - so the NoClogger did its job when possible. I have not tried it on my Banbu yet, but should work

A life saver

I don’t know how i survived without this


I just received my Noclogger today and was able to put it to almost immediate use. I have never been able to clear a clog so fast. I will recommend these to the makers that I know!

Time saver and life saver

Easiest way to unclog a printer without having to disassemble everything.