NoClogger PTFE Tube Remover -

NoClogger PTFE Tube Remover

Our NoClogger PTFE Tube Remover is an ingeniously designed tool that makes disassembling 3D printer PTFE tubes a breeze. The NoClogger PTFE Tube Remover is an easy-to-use solution that quickly loosens and removes 3D printer PTFE tubes, saving you time and hassle.

NoClogger Mount -

NoClogger Mount

The NoClogger Mount is a convenient and tidy storage solution for your NoClogger. It can easily be attached to any surface using double-sided tape, and features corner spaces to accommodate 5mm diameter magnets.


NoClogger Mount for IKEA Pegboard

The NoClogger Mount IKEA Skadis pegboard is a convenient storage solution for pegboards especially for the IKEA Skadis pegboard

*A special shout out to Thomas for sharing his great design with us.


Safety Cap for NoClogger

The sharp tip of NoClogger can be a safety hazard, so we made a cap for it, and since you all have a 3D printer, here is the file. 


Safety Cap and Razor holder for NoClogger

Suppose you wish to keep your blade next to your NoClogger; this cap is for you. You can print this cap in any material, such as PLA, TPU, and ABS.
*A special shout out to Sam Doughlas for sharing his great design with us.


NoClogger Indicator

Indicators come with NoClogger, but they get loose after a while, so you can download and print them at home; here is the file.